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     "Senior Adult" is a term that most people don't like to be called. Remember being in High School? Being a Senior was what everyone wanted. That's exactly how we feel about Senior Adults here at Faith Assembly. This is such a great group that we start their age at 50! They hold a place of honor and respect. We know that if it had not been for their prayers, some of us would not be serving the Lord today. We desire to see them live their lives to the fullest and Enjoy Life's Rewards.

     Senior Adults are often forgotten in our society. Their children are grown and often move to other cities. They have reached the "top of the ladder" in their career or maybe even retired. In this stage of life, it seems as though things are winding down for them. "Winding down" is not how we would describe our Senior Adults. They are active in every area of the church. They support each and every activity and event and are faithful to all that God is doing.

     Everyone needs friends and our Senior Adults are just that...friends. They call each other from time to time, pray for one another and our church family, and encourage not only each other but everyone they come in contact with. We are excited to have them be a part of our church family!

     If you are at that stage in your life where things seem to be winding down, we invite you to join us and see what God has planned for this stage of your life.

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